How Kissing Helps Your Baby: Breast Milk Changes

The first thing that comes to our mind whenever we see our kids, is to hug them tight and give them a kiss. But do you know how it can help your kid with the health benefits. Breast Milk goes with the continuous changes while feeding your baby helps with the proper nutrition for the kid. How this actually happens still has less knowledge for all of us.

Breastfeed works as a medicine

Breastfeed continuously goes into the changes and works as per your child’s need. Breastfeed helps your kid with a lot of illnesses and provides nutrition to the kid. It doesn’t matter if the kid is of 4 months or 4 years they will get the benefits from it. Breast milk is the active tissue that provides antibodies to the kids that provides protection. But why do still babies fall ill? That’s true even with this fact there is always a tendency that your baby can fall ill due to not having that strong immune system.

How does breastfeeding work as a medicine?

When we kiss and breastfeed babies we exchange their germs and with that our body prepared antibodies for them which again we transfer while kissing them or breastfeeding them. So even if you are using a pump still you will be kissing and hugging your kid and will be helping your kid with all the good bacteria.

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