How to stop kids from biting: Strategies & Tips

How to Stop kids from biting, is a problem we are sure all parents must be aware of and must be looking or must have looked for a solution for. As babies grow their behavior changes so do their activities. One activity that can be a serious concern is how to stop my toddler to bite my hand in daycare. Bitting by a small kid or even a baby can be a painful experience for you or for other kids playing or for the people who are around your kid to take care of him/her. Let’s break it down for you to help strategically so that you understand the root cause and can work on some of the solutions which we are gonna suggest.

Why do kids Bite in the first place?


“Why” – this should always be the start of any problem. We should understand why it happens to work upon the solution. Few reasons which can be the reason why kids bite though it can vary from kid to kid

  • Express Themselves – Kids this age can’t express themselves like kids older than them or like adults so biting can be the way to express their anger, frustration, love, or joy. Some might be due to hunger, fatigue, or being overwhelmed. Do notice when they do bite to understand what they are trying to express.
  • Attention – This can be another reason why your kid bites. Simply to get the attention or test their boundaries which often all kids do. They don’t know how to put out all that energy and do various activities such as biting.

But don’t worry these are temporary these hiabist usually go away as they grow old or they able to learn how to control their emotions or learn new ways of communication like how we adults do.

How to handle when kids bite ?

Next bit is to understand how you handle when kids bite ? what should be your reaction towards them. First key is to be patient as much as possible . This problem is not gonna go away in few days or by trying one or two solution , you have to give time to your kid to drop this habit or to understand the bad effects of it. But still few suggestions we want to highlight which can be beneficial in your journey to stop kids from biting.

  • Patience – As we mentioned earlier as well the most important part of this is to have your calm as much as possible. Don’t show anger or slap your kid. Always have it simple when you need to explain why not to bit others. Don’t over-complex the reasoning.
  • Empathy – Whenever they bite others provide comfort to the victim, this will help your kid to understand the pain that is being caused by their bites. If your child is being sorry very calmly be available for your kid and explain the pain and give a hug but be more available to the victim.
  • Communication – Earlier as we mentioned this can be a reason for their biting so try to teach them how to express what they are feeling. This might reduce the problem.
  • What not to do – Don’t shout, slap or try to bite your kid in reaction to this problem. This never solves the problem even can worsen it.

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How to Stop Kids from Biting : Suggestions & Tips

Now since we have good understanding on Why and how we should react, lets come to the part which we all want to apply in order to stop kids bitting habit. All these strategies can be applied at home or daycare

  • Learn when they do – This should be the start to tackle this problem. Try to look for the patterns when they do and why they do. Are they tired when they do this or are they do when they get irritated? Try to see the situation and look for the cut-downs or alternatives to those situations which will help your kid to deal with the emotions that trigger this habit.
  • Better ways to communicate – Try to teach your kids a better way to communicate their emotions when they are overwhelmed. This way they will be able to channel it better. Always pay attention when they are trying to show themselves, ignoring them while never helping in this situation.
  • Positive Reactions – This can be a very handy tool to handle this situation since there is a chance your child is behaving like this since they are not getting a positive reaction or no reaction at all. Always pay attention and acknowledge them with positive reinforcements whenever they correct their mistakes These rewards will help them understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

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During the growing age kids learn and adopt a lot of habits some are really adorable but biting is not among them. Handling kids needs a lot of patience and attention so that solution works effectively and helps them building their foundation. One more question must arise in your mind do I need to visit doctor to stop my kids for biting other kids ? So if you have tried everything , things are getting worse and nothing is working then you must visit the doctor and look for some professional help to deal with this situation.

We hope that our article on kids healthy habits you must be liking and have been implementing few. In case any of the solution which we suggest here works for you , do share your story for others or if there is any solution which you have applied and are not mentioned here please tell us in comment we will include it in our post for other parents to learn from it. Happy parenting.

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