Learn Baby Signs and Timings – Baby Wave, Clap, and Points

This must be the most beautiful moment for the parents to finally communicate with the baby and this opens a whole new channel for the new discoveries you are about to dwell. Though for several months babies don’t have control over their bodies and can do actions that they don’t have any knowledge of and we can easily misinterpret. Let’s try to understand babies’ first communication actions in this article

when does baby point?

It is very important that you encourage your child, if the child is staring at some toy do bring that toy close to him/her. Being an adult you really have to be very observant in understanding the sign languages of your child and need to boost communication. The first skill they learn is to point which comes around 7 months where there can be cases they are not pointing individual fingers or might be they are pointing the whole fist. But here is where you have to boost the actions of your child most and have to understand the signs and feel the joy of the moment.

When does the baby clap?

The next skill your child will attain is to clap the hand which comes around eight or nine months since now child has much knowledge of what they need and know that they have to point to the adult to get it. This is what you have to teach the child might be by making the hand clap in the happy moments so that child’s brain can process and understand the relevance of it .

When does the baby wave?

Now your child is learning how to express their feeling, another way they will learn is to say bye-bye by waving their hands. It’s not necessary they will understand why they are doing it but this is how now they have started involving themselves socially with others.

The moments of your child are always special to you and you always want to store them in your eyes, cameras. we understand you don’t want to miss any of the moment and want to be there in any movement they do or where they need you. We at Shishu health always try to cover all which can help you with all the parenthood you need in these modern times.

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