Emotions of Infertility: Pain of the couples

In India society has a tendency to blame females only for couples not having children. Though scientifically proven both men and women can be responsible for the situation. We are yet to be open, more communicative, and more empathic towards the issue rather than bitching and being casual about someone’s character or life since they are facing infertility.

The ride that a couple experiences during infertility cant be put into words but still we will try to highlight the pain and experiences so that we all can see and understand the feeling better and those who are feeling these – you guys are not alone and reach out more to your friends and family.

Emotional Avalanche

Being infertile can make your confidence go very low. Being emotional with all the questions surrounding is quite normal if you are feeling that. Do reach out to your friends and family members and discuss with them about your feelings. This is very normal to feel and happens with all.

Feel All Complicated

In India, we all are full of suggestions and medical help looks very complicated. All the couples who get stuck in this situation always have a tendency to seek a simpler solution to their problems.

Whom to blame?

This is the normal human tendency to find the person or situation to put blame on and this is what most couples who face this situation always try to do. This is not the solution to dig into the past or to put blame on any of you.


Somehow we try to adapt we the situation by excepting this is now part of life. But there is much more to do seek a solution, have a medical consultation and be open in your family about the problem and live the full.

Hope can be harmful we understand but we hope with this article you will feel you are not alone who is going through all these pains and there is a community to reach out to. We need to be more vocal and supportive of the situation. Do seek medical assistance and work on your lifestyle.

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